Argentine Birds

With over 1000 species of birds, Argentina has a very large diversity, mainly due to its variety of ecosystems. The list includes as different species as Penguins and Toucans can be. Some of the most remarkable birds of South America are found in this country and are very reliable to see, including rheas, tinamous, albatrosses, hawk-eagles, seriemas, macaws, trogons, motmots, nightjars, potoos, cacholotes, gallitos, tapaculos, antpittas, monjitas, plantcutters, manakins, tanagers, seedeaters and lots more. Many of them are globally threatened, or restricted to small distribution areas. Some are endemic and some have features that make them particularly attractive among others.

This diversity makes of Argentina a perfect destination for any birder willing to experience South America's birding at its best, no matter their level of expertise.

Take a look to the Argentine Endemics and "Birding Hotspot" pages to find out more information about target species in Argentina.